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My life projects are better known as The D Boys. Who are all wonderful, well-behaved sweeties that love and respect their mother all of the time. Except when they don’t. But those moments are for different posts.  This is a brag page.

The twins, or “Double Ds,” are now 12 and have been homeschooling for 4 years.  They are mostly 6th graders.  I say mostly because when homeschooling we can go at whatever pace we want.  So some subjects they are probably 6th grade according to “real” school standards.  One of the twin’s handwriting could be construed as still hovering 3rd grade, though his actual grammar and writing skills are more equal to an 9th grader.  His brother’s handwriting appears to have been copy pasted from the Declaration of Independence in perfect calligraphy. Though his grammar has room for improvement, he reads Steven Hawkins for entertainment and his scientific knowledge far exceeds many high school graduates (and many college grads, when it comes to all things astronomical).

The “Little D”  is 8 and is mostly a 3rd grader. He has never attended formal elementary school.  He’s the true test subject of my homeschooling abilities.  The boy is an enigmatologist.  That means solving puzzles is his mojo.  Basically he’s a mad genius. Math just clicks for him.  Handwriting, errrr, not so much.  Want to see a kid melt into a puddle of whining defiance?  Make him write a paragraph. It just takes too long. His hand can’t keep up with his brain. He’s mentally being dipped in boiling lemon juice after a blistering sunburn.  But he can read well beyond his years and loves Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl.  Never took an AR test in his life.  Enough said.

Together the three are a band of brothers.  No really a band, like musical instruments and vocals. The Double D’s have been playing guitar since age 6 and Little d is the drummer in chief.  They rock!

No really, stay tuned to this website for proof of sheer awesomeness!


D Boy Band


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