The Prodigy


My life projects are better known as The D Boys. Who are all wonderful, well-behaved sweeties that love and respect their mother all of the time. Except when they don’t. But those moments are for different posts.  This is a brag page.

The twins, or “D1 and D2” are now 13 and have been homeschooling for 5 years. Their short and not-so great experience in public school is the root of of my writing as a homeschool mom. They are in 7th grade and love all things computers and music.

“Little D”  is now 9 and is mostly a 4th grader. He has never attended formal elementary school.  He’s the true test subject of my homeschooling abilities. Some day he will run a company, or the world, or maybe just a forklift. But bottom line, it will be his way.

Together the three are a band of brothers.  No really a band, like musical instruments and vocals. The Double D’s have been playing guitar since age 6 and Little D is their drummer.  They rock my World! 

No really, stay tuned to this website for proof of sheer awesomeness!
And a few laughs at the times they are less than awesome, and how that works too.


D Boy Band


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