There is magic in chalk.  More than a crayon or marker.  Chalk takes our imagination outside to the driveway, sidewalk, or unsuspecting brick wall or car tire.  What we choose to create can’t be hung on the fridge or framed in a scrap book.  A small rain shower or terribly windy day can take it away in minutes.  The sun on our backs and cement scratching our knees are barely a bother when the task of such fleeting art is at hand.


We drop the bucket of colorful new sticks and small scraps of best loved colors onto the immense workspace of possibilities.  Ideas and giggles resound.  Fresh air, chalk powder and sunshine sneezes tickle our noses.   Art space is quarantined or shared depending on the mood of the artists.

What to draw today?  Pick your favorite character? What colors can we mix to make things just right?

If you get the chance, try it just after it rains. Chalk drawing on wet pavement can turn you into a watercolorist extraordinaire.  And then, turn the wet piece of chalk on yourself and become an Indian brave.  Or turn to each other and become a family of circus clowns.

But know that, like anything warm and wonderful, it won’t last.  The chalk will bleed away with the next rain. It may last longer during a dry spell, yet eventually even the wind will carry it away.  However, the art is in the making of the memory.  The smiles and joy shared are etched into the heart and take on a sweet forlorn hue.  The canvas of a new day will be blank and waiting to become something entirely new.  But the piece of yesterday, gone forever, is priceless.

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